Mikel Harps (Hong Kong) Limited

Professional and Affordable Lever Harps

Mikel Harps的型號

Aster 27

Range:  A6 to C3 (a’”– C)
Weight: 8.5 kg
Height: 101.7 cm
Extreme Width:57.3 cm
Soundboard Width: 34 cm
Wood: Ashwood
Carry Bag: Deluxe Carry Bag
Strings Type: Nylon, Sugar Strings
Finish: Natural, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Black, Ivory Stain
Free: Tuning Key (調音匙), Dust Cover (豎琴套), Detachable Legs (加高腳)

註:Mikel Harps 的賣點是價錢實惠及弦線不易折斷。倘若弦線折斷,用家除了可向本中心購買原廠弦線外,也可以使用Bow Brand 的 Silkgut 和 Lever Bass Wire 代替。